Immunotherapy Treatment for Dog Allergies

A recent blog post concerned itself with the very common problem of allergic skin disease in dogs. I am happy to report that we are now offering immunotherapy (desensitization) as a treatment for dogs with challenging skin allergies caused by airborne particles such as pollens, molds, and household mites. If your dog is a candidate we would draw a blood sample and submit it to a lab which then identifies the pertinent allergens. A specific treatment is then formulated based on the results of this test. There are two ways the treatment can be administered. (1) Drops are placed under your dogs tongue.  (2) By an injection under the skin (allergy shots).  Most clients prefer the oral drops.

The goal of immunotherapy is to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of your dog’s skin allergy. As noted in the previous blog, these symptoms include excessive scratching, biting, licking feet, ear infections, and inflamed reddened skin.  Initially medications to control itching and infection are used along with the immunotherapy. Results vary but frequently the dog will be more comfortable and require less medication over time to control itching. Immunotherapy is generally a long term and/or possibly a lifelong process. For more information regarding the Heska Allercept program we participate in, click here for their website.