The Animal Medical Center of Seattle (AMCS) and Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle (ASCS)

There is a growing trend in veterinary medicine in this country for practices to be owned by large corporations. In fact, one corporation known primarily for its candy brand now owns most of the large specialty referral centers in our area, and a huge number of specialty centers and private practices across the US. A notable exception is the Animal Medical Center of Seattle (AMCS) and the Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle (ASCS). These two referral clinics are still privately owned and share a large modern veterinary facility in Shoreline.

The AMCS provides 24 hour emergency services, and has board certified specialists available for internal medicine and oncology referrals. The ASCS is staffed with board certified veterinary surgeons that perform advanced surgical procedures by referral.

Dr Ken Sinibaldi, the original  founder of the ASCS, actually leased space at Eastlake Veterinary Hospital for three years while building the original surgery facility on Stone Way. The AMCS was founded in 2009 by Dr Adam Reiss when the new surgery/emergency/referral center was built in Shoreline.

For over thirty years we have referred to the skilled surgeons at ASCS, and we have utilized the equally skilled emergency clinicians, internists, and oncologists at the AMCS from its inception. The board certified specialists in both clinics have gone out of their way to help our doctors care for our client’s pets, frequently taking time out of their busy schedules to counsel us by phone on difficult cases. Both the ASCS and the AMCS have provided quality continuing educations for our doctors and technicians as well. I find it refreshing to have such a good relationship with both of these clinics, and encourage our clients to utilize their emergency and specialty referral services if the need arises.

Carl D Anderson, DVM

Eastlake Veterinary Hospital