Veterinary Prescription Refill Request

Animal prescriptions are refilled four ways:

  1. For urgent prescription refills, call us at 206-328-2675 to renew an existing Eastlake Veterinary Hospital prescription.
  2. Complete and fax a Prescription Refill Request Form to us at 206-328-4288
  3. To renew a prescription through a third-party pharmacy (e.g. Walgreens Pharmacy, etc) – please call your pharmacy directly to request your refill. The pharmacy will fax your request to Eastlake Veterinary Hospital; once the doctor has reviewed your request, we will confirm the prescription with your pharmacy.
  4. You can now request a refill for your pet’s prescription by submitting the following form. Please be sure to fill in all the requested information. The prescription refill must be approved by a doctor.