Eastlake Veterinary Hospital: Statement on COVID-19

Veterinary care is an essential part of our community and we want to assure you that our hospital is open and will continue to provide services at this time. We also want to work with you and our staff to limit direct contact in order to focus on safety for everyone during this pandemic.

Our exam protocol will continue to be adjusted for the near future in order to keep both our staff and our clients as safe as possible. Check back for updates.

Updated: 07/06/2021

Dear Eastlake Veterinary Hospital friends, 

Good news! After a difficult year of accommodations to safely keep the practice open and allow us to continue to treat our patients effectively, we are excited to welcome back our VACCINATED clients for in-person visits starting July 12th.

Fully vaccinated
 clients may enter the building.

  • We are only allowing 3 people in the lobby at a time, so we are asking everyone to please be patient if you’re asked to wait outside. You will be invited into the building when your exam room is ready, to reduce the number of people passing through the lobby. 
  • One person wearing a face mask may enter the building for the appointment.
  • If you prefer, you may still use the curbside service. Please call the clinic when you arrive so that we can check you in and meet you at the door to take your pet from you for the appointment.

If you are feeling at all unwell or may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please either

– Arrange for someone else to bring your pet in, or
– If your pet is scheduled for a wellness visit and isn’t sick, please call us to reschedule your appointment. You won’t be penalized for canceling an appointment due to illness or possible exposure.

We can’t wait to see you again! Thank you all for your patience during this time of transition.

Updated: 11/16/2020 

In order to maintain social distancing for safety and compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines, we are currently only bringing our patients into the hospital, and communicating with you our valued clients by phone. 

Please call us when you arrive to check in, and thank you in advance for your patience during these challenging times.

Our goal is to keep our essential services available our community and be there for you and your pets. Thank you for your cooperation and for doing your part in helping to keep pets and people safe and please don’t hesitate to call with questions.

We anticipate our phone lines will be busier than usual, and therefore, we appreciate your patience!

What do you need to know?

First off, it’s early days in both the outbreak and in our knowledge of the virus. Recommendations may change as our understanding of the virus and associated disease changes, so be sure to check with us and/or monitor the shared sources at the bottom of this newsletter regularly for new information. We do know that COVID-19 is a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, a newly recognized member of the coronavirus family that appears to primarily infect humans.
Other coronaviruses are responsible for things like colds in humans. However, each member of a viral family is as different from each other as you are from your Great-Uncle Louis.

This particular coronavirus is spreading rapidly because humans don’t yet have immunity built up in our populations. This is why staying home as much as possible, disinfecting surfaces, and washing your hands are important to slow the spread of the virus throughout our community.

Can I get SARS-CoV-2 from my dog or cat?

As of now, there’s little indication that dogs or cats are likely to carry or transmit the virus to humans; however there is the rare chance this can happen. The biggest concern right now is pets acting as fomites — a virus-contaminated surface. So, for now, avoid snuggling your pets with your face and as always, wash your hands after handling or picking up after your pet.

Can my dog or cat get SARS-CoV-2 from a person?

Possibly. There has been at least one case where a dog tested positive for the virus after being exposed to an infected human. However, human-to-pet transmission seems to be quite rare.

Can my veterinarian test my pet for SARS-CoV-2?

Probably not, and it’s probably not necessary. Right now, in many countries, there aren’t enough resources to test all humans showing symptoms. If your pet has a cough, a fever, or is otherwise ill, there are many other things that are far more likely to be causing those signs.

Where can I learn more?

This article on Veterinary Partner has compiled a list of frequently updated and reliable resources on COVID-19 as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions:
Veterinary Partner COVID-19 Article

The AVMA has created an informative web page covering general issues COVID-19 as it pertains to humans and pets:

The Worms and Germs Blog is providing frequent reports on this issue:
Worms and Germs Blog

The CDC website is a resource for human-specific info:

And also has a FAQ section specific to pets:
CDC Coronavirus and Pets FAQ


Your friends at Eastlake Veterinary Hospital

Voluntary Recall for Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canned Dog Food.

Last Updated: February 1, 2019

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Voluntarily Recalls Select Canned Dog Food for Excessive Vitamin D           

No dry foods, cat foods, or treats are affected.

Pet parents who purchased the product with the specific lot/date codes listed should discontinue feeding and dispose of those products immediately. Products affected will be replaced at no cost, please contact Hill’s via email contactus@hillspet.com or at 1-800-445-5777.

We sold some the following affected products at our hospital.

Product NameSKU Number
PD w/d Canine 12/13oz cs092020T302
PD Ca i/d Ckn&VgStew 24×5.5oz cs112020T233
PD k/d Canine 12/13oz cs102020T102-102020T112
PD w/d Canine 12/13oz cs102020T112-102020T122
PD i/d Canine 12/13oz cs102020T182-102020T192
PD i/d Canine 12/13oz cs112020T222-112020T232
PD i/d Canine 12/13oz cs112020T182
PD w/d Canine 12/13oz cs102020T242-102020T252
PD i/d Canine 12/13oz cs112020T082-112020T092
PD w/d Canine 12/13oz cs112020T092-112020T102

How to identify the SKU and Date Code/Lot Code

How to find lot number

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is voluntarily recalling select canned dog food products due to potentially elevated levels of vitamin D. While vitamin D is an essential nutrient for dogs, ingestion of elevated levels can lead to potential health issues depending on the level of vitamin D and the length of exposure, and dogs may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss. Vitamin D, when consumed at very high levels, can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction. Pet parents with dogs who have consumed any of the products listed and are exhibiting any of these signs should contact their veterinarian. In most cases, complete recovery is expected after discontinuation of feeding.

The affected canned dog foods were distributed through retail pet stores and veterinary clinics nationwide in the United States. 

Pet parents who purchased the product with the specific lot/date codes listed should discontinue feeding and dispose of those products immediately.  To have discarded products replaced at no cost, please contact Hill’s via our website or at 1-800-445-5777.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition learned of the potential for elevated vitamin D levels in some of our canned dog foods after receiving a complaint in the United States about a dog exhibiting signs of elevated vitamin D levels.  Our investigation confirmed elevated levels of vitamin D due to a supplier error. 

We care deeply about all pets and are committed to providing pet parents with safe and high quality products.  Hill’s has identified and isolated the error and, to prevent this from happening again, we have required our supplier to implement additional quality testing prior to their release of ingredients.  In addition to our existing safety processes, we are adding our own further testing of incoming ingredients. 

For further information, please contact Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. at 1-800-445-5777 Monday-Friday during the hours of 9am-5pm (CST) or at contactus@hillspet.com.  

This voluntary recall only impacts canned dog food and primarily in the United States. It is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Impacted products outside of the United States will be subject to separate notices on the country-specific website.  If you are outside of the United States, please check your own country’s Hill’s website for more information. To view product list click here.

Complete List of Impacted Canned Dog Food Products:

Product NameSKU NumberLot Code/sDate Code
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Canine Chicken & Vegetable Stew 12.5oz3384102020T10
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Chicken & Vegetable Stew 12.5oz3389102020T04
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Chicken & Vegetable Stew 5.5oz3390102020T11
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® z/d® Canine 5.5oz5403102020T17
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® g/d® Canine 13oz7006112020T19
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine 13oz7008092020T30
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® j/d® Canine 13oz7009112020T20
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® k/d® Canine 13oz7010102020T10
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® w/d® Canine 13oz7017092020T30
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® z/d® Canine 13oz7018102020T04
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic + Mobility Canine Vegetable & Tuna Stew 12.5oz10086102020T05
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® w/d® Canine Vegetable & Chicken Stew 12.5oz10129102020T04
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® i/d® Low Fat Canine Rice, Vegetable & Chicken Stew 12.5oz10423102020T17
Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Derm Defense® Canine Chicken & Vegetable Stew 12.5oz10509102020T05
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Small & Toy Breed Chicken & Barley Entrée Dog Food 5.8oz4969102020T18
Hill’s® Science Diet® Puppy Chicken & Barley Entrée 13oz7036102020T12
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Chicken & Barley Entrée Dog Food 13oz7037102020T13
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Turkey & Barley Dog Food 13oz7038102020T06
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Chicken & Beef Entrée Dog Food 13oz7040102020T13
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Light with Liver Dog Food 13oz7048112020T19
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Chicken & Barley Entrée Dog Food 13oz7055092020T31
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Beef & Barley Entrée Dog Food 13oz7056092020T31
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Turkey & Barley Entrée 13oz7057112020T19
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine Braised Beef, Carrots & Peas Stew dog food 12.5oz10452102020T14
Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Youthful Vitality Chicken & Vegetable Stew dog food 12.5oz10763102020T04

Holiday Hospital Hours and Safety Tips

The holidays are approaching! Just a friendly reminder of our hospital holidays hours!

Our 2018/2019 Holiday Hours:

Monday December 24th- 7:50 am – Noon

Tuesday December 25th – CLOSED

Monday December 31st – 7:50 am – 6:00 pm

Tuesday January 1st – CLOSED

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Pet Insurance Comparison Chart

Which Pet Insurance is Right for You?


What makes a pet insurance plan great? We have a helpful downloadable chart to help you with choosing the right pet insurance. After a new pet exam with one of our veterinarians, you may be eligible for a free 30 day trial with Trupanion. The Trupanion policy allows dogs and cats to be enrolled anytime from birth until their 14th birthday.

Call and make your appointment today (206) 328-2675!

Pet Insurance Comparison Chart

Information on Trupanion 30-Day Certificate 

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