Drop Off Appointments

If you need a same-day drop off appointment and our availability does not match yours, you can use our “Drop-Off” option when these conditions apply:

  • Existing client and patient
  • Concern is of a non-critical nature
  • Decision-maker is available by phone

A ward care fee will apply since we will be keeping your pet with us. You may want to bring some of your pet’s food if he or she will be with us for the day.

Always call first to schedule any type of an appointment. During the call we will find out when you can come, determine the nature of the concern, what time the doctor will actually examine the pet, and schedule the discharge time.

Please note: for the “Drop-off,” it will be very important for the decision-maker to be available by phone at the time of the doctor’s examination. We may be unable to proceed with treatments or diagnostics if we cannot contact you.

In Summary:

  1. Call us to schedule.
  2. Plan to be here for about 10 minutes to fill out the Drop-Off form and to get a detailed history.
  3. Come on in!