Veterinary Services

Eastlake Veterinary Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital providing excellent medical, surgical, and dental care for dogs and cats. Our emphasis is on preventative health care which may increase the quality and longevity of our patients’ lives.

When necessary we utilize outside specialists in internal medicine, surgery, radiology, dentistry, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology and other specialties. The specialist may come to our office, or you may be referred to a specialty clinic.

Preventative Care: The Importance of the Annual Exam

The annual veterinary exam is the cornerstone of our preventative health care program.

Progressive veterinarians now recommend twice yearly exams for dogs and cats. This is important in cases where a pet is 10 years of age or older or has been diagnosed with a chronic disease.

Fuji X-rayRadiology

We have a fully-equipped radiology suite including a modern Fuji CR digital x-ray processor. Digital x-rays show more detail and allow us to acquire more information regarding your pet’s medical condition. Our digital x-rays are read by both our veterinarians and a board-certified veterinary radiologist at Animal Medical Imaging.


For ultrasound exams we utilize radiologists at Vision Pet Imaging , in a mobile capacity. For certain cases where this is not appropriate, ultrasounds may be preformed at a referral center.


Dr. WoodfieldIn complicated cardiology cases we will have Dr. Jerry Woodfield, a board certified cardiologist, come to our office to do exams, cardiac ultrasounds, and other procedures.


In addition to ovariohysterectomy and castration (spay and neuter) we perform numerous general surgical procedures, the most common of which are growth and tumor removals, biopsies, oral surgery and laceration repair. Procedures which are beyond our level of expertise are referred to a board certified surgeon, usually at the Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle (ASC).


We have a well-equipped in house laboratory. Common lab procedures include internal parasite identification, cytology, urinalysis, dermatophyte (fungal) cultures, feline retroviral tests, giardia tests, heartworm tests, and blood chemistries to evaluate internal organ function. We also utilize our local veterinary lab (Phoenix) extensively. Since we have twice daily pickup, lab results are often available the same day.

Senior Care

We define “senior” as a cat or small dog ten years of age or older, and a large dog eight years or older. Our senior care program helps detect hidden problems in this high risk group of patients at an early stage where treatment is most effective.

In senior patients we recommend laboratory testing at the time of the annual or semi-annual exam. This may be a blood test or blood and urine tests. Sometimes further testing such as blood pressure measurement will be recommended on the basis of the results of these tests. The most common diseases we diagnose in senior patients are dental disease, kidney disease, heart disease, and hyperthyroidism in cats.


We do not offer boarding for patients at this time.

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