Veterinary Dental Care

A local veterinary internist and dentist, preformed a study while at KSU veterinary school which demonstrated that periodontal disease (gum disease) in dogs contributes to heart, liver, and kidney disease. This is the primary reason, along with issues of discomfort, that we are concerned about dental disease.

dental x-rayPeriodontal disease, fractured teeth, and other oral health problems are common in dogs and cats. Our goal is to advise you on how to prevent and properly treat such conditions. We have a fully-equipped dental suite, including a Schick DR digital dental x-ray unit which aids in providing high quality dental care.

Recently non-anesthetic dental procedures have been advocated by some veterinarians and groomers. However, another local veterinary dentist has concluded – “this is merely tooth grooming and does not create a health benefit.” Anesthesia is required for safety reasons and to allow thorough subgingival cleaning so as to treat periodontal disease.